Sunday, December 26, 2010

hey january, see you next week.

i've never really been one to make resolutions, but these are some things i'm planning on doing this year:

1/ i'm signing up for a sprint triathlon. it's a 300 yard swim, 10.5 mile bike ride, and 3 mile run. these numbers might not seem like a lot, but i think it's something completely out of character for me to do... and it's something for me to look forward to. and it's good for me.

2/ i'm going to make a schedule for myself to make art. i have (almost) a permanent schedule at my job, which means that i can make a permanent schedule to make art. and i have no excuses to not stick to it. i'm cleaning out my space and organizing everything (starting tonight) because my biggest excuse is that i don't have space.

3/ i'm going to start shopping for myself and cooking more. since moving back home i don't do that anymore. i like cooking. i like eating healthy. why not?