Sunday, July 25, 2010

so frustrating

i'm having one of those painting experiences where i work for an hour and nothing is done. all the colors i've mixed are wrong, every line i draw i can't tell if it's making more or less sense. i can't figure out where my chin is when i look in the mirror. i can't tell if the shadows on my skin are orange or brown. or purple. or red. chances are it's a combination of all of those colors, and i feel like i dont know how to see them anymore. or if i do see them i dont know how to translate them.

i just realized how rough it is going to be painting alone. no fellow painters. no professors. no opinions or advice or guidance. no talking.

that's what scares me the most. i think i move forward best when i'm talking about my art to someone who understands what i'm talking about. because a lot of times other people know what i'm trying to say before i know what i'm trying to say. and a lot of times i don't even realize i like what i'm doing until i talk about it with someone else.

am i doomed?

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