Tuesday, August 24, 2010

my show at Loose Threads Boutique is in TEN DAYS. which means i hang in less than that. unfortunately, i've been thinking about what i'm going to wear more than what i'm going to show. great way to look at things... probably NOT.

i have SO MUCH to choose from. Four years of stuff from Arcadia. I don't know how to go about this. The fact that they'll be on sale is keeping me from choosing my favorites. This is a shop, not a gallery. this isn't school. i get the feeling people want to buy art with bright colors and recognizable things. i haven't painted recognizable things in such a long time... so long that i don't really feel connected to those paintings anymore. i dont really feel anything when i look at them.

i also have about 100 paintings at my grandparents' house that i haven't even looked at yet. maybe i'll just lay everything i like out and let everyone else choose.

can i do that with my real life too?

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