Saturday, August 7, 2010

oil paint + turpenoid + bleach = fizz fun

oil paint + turpenoid + bleach = headache

oil paint + turpenoid + bleach = something new.

today steph & i went to the banana factory. it was great to walk around and look at art. inspiring. made me miss the space i had to paint in at arcadia. made me miss any kind of community, especially one including artists. and made me miss having nothing to do but think, read, talk, and create.

i need to move.

i haven't been working on my self portrait.

i almost got scammed out of $600 and a painting on etsy today. it would have been really cool if it was an actual sale though.

maybe i'll paint my bedroom while i wait for this new painting to dry and for it to get dark enough out to continue my self portrait.

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